Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner

I  was  introduced to Laura through a good friend who had used her for some very successful marriage counseling.  When I came to Laura, I was very defeated and scared having lived through a decade of abuse in a marriage that I knew inside my heart would never work.  I was too harsh with myself and needed someone unbiased to help me feel that it was "ok" to move forward with my life to not only protect myself, but to also do what's right for my kids.  After one session with both my husband and I, without words from myself, Laura was able to tell there was something terribly wrong and she scheduled some separate time.  I was then free to speak openly about what was going on and how I could not endure it any more and I gave myself, with her guidance and hope, permission to close that chapter of my life and to build again.  I have seen Laura many time since to talk, listen, and to continue to build the parts of me that were wounded for so long and I can't thank her enough for seeing exactly what I needed a professional to see. . .and then to help me heal.  I am the most content and happy I have ever been.  Thank you Laura!        ~Heather

Laura, I don't know if there are words to even begin to tell you how thankful I am for everything you have done for me.  When I came to you, I can honestly say I had no hope in getting better and thought I'd lost all control and all sense of who I was.  You helped me find the strength to fight for my own freedom to live my own life and you taught me how to deal with feelings and situations I felt I had no control over.  In such a short amount of time, you've helped me change my life and I cannot thank you enough.  You are a truly amazing person and are extremely talented in what you do.  As I continue to get better, I will take what you've taught me and I hope someday I can help someone like you've helped me.  You taught me to "Love Life" and I will forever be thankful for that.       ~Emily

Laura M. Lentz

I swore I would never see a therapist again, after my experience during childhood.  However, a little over a year ago, I was going through a tough time and my doctor suggested I see one again.  So, against my gut feeling, I decided to see Dr. Laura.  She has changed my life.  I had such an amazing experience trying to figure out what was going on and how to address my difficulties.  She focused on just a few key things and we took things nice and slow.   She was such a doll to just let me come in, sit down, cry and tell her everything I couldn't tell anyone else in my life.  I looked forward to seeing her and my horribly negative experience with therapy turned into one of the best things in life.  She made me realize it's "ok" to "not be ok" and helped me understand that you cannot fix everyone's problems.  You have to focus on YOU and have healthy boundaries.  I moved to another state recently and I so do miss our chats.  Even today, when I'm faced with a challenge in my personal relationships, I take a step back and hear her in my head saying, "take a breath, remember you come first."  Dr. Laura is understanding, caring and a wonderful therapist.    ~ Joy

I have visited Laura Lentz during different stages in my life, from the time I became a college student through my time as a married and working mother of two young children.  I seek guidance from Laura about how to cope with personal and professional relationships.  I have become a more capable person who functions better socially because of my interactions with Laura.  Laura has the unique ability  to hear what is being said behind the words.  She helps me understand the specific patterns of behavior others have, and she has helped me change my patterns of behavior so I can work through circumstances and personalities that are an obstacle for me, with her guidance.  She gives relative, lasting advice that I can come back to day after day.  Laura exudes a feeling of comfort.  She is sensitive to what makes people comfortable, from office surroundings to tone of voice to advising of realistic actions and expectations.  She understands when it is time to go outside of what makes me comfortable, and when I should dwell on matters that enhance my comfort and confidence as a person. With Laura I always feel welcome, whether I sought her guidance last week or months ago.  If you are searching for a wealth of knowledge of how to work with people personally and socially, and in doing so go through an experience of self discovery and development, you can trust that Laura will deliver this to you with finesse and that you will find lasting, quality results.      ~ Amy